The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) & The Shaw Group aim to protect Purcells Cove Road lands

On Tuesday, April 26, a presentation was made to Halifax Regional Council, proposing “a mutually beneficial, three-way partnership for the protection of the Williams-Colpitt Lake site”—nearly 162 hectares of wilderness lands currently owned by The Shaw Group, which is the parent company of Clayton Developments.

“We have provided a valuation and a discounted purchase price for the lands,” Allan Shaw, representing The Shaw Group, told Council. “We have listened to what the public has to say and the importance of these lands to the (city’s) future green network.”

Meanwhile, the Nature Conservancy of Canada offers to bring “financial investment, expertise and perspective to the establishment of one of Canada’s pre-eminent urban wilderness parks.” Speaking for the NCC, Nova Scotia Program Director Craig Smith described the lands as “a diamond at our doorstep”.

He and Mr. Shaw asked Council to provide direction to city staff to “negotiate an agreement in principle and report back to Regional Council with a recommendation by the last Council meeting in June”.